I invite you to receive the call of Nature, of the spirit of medicinal plants, to learn about their healing power, using various preparations for therapeutic and energetic purposes, Alchemies that offer women the knowledge to integrate it into their lives as a powerful vehicle for natural healing.

I invite you to be part of this learning, where we will share a space of introduction to feminine herbalism, we will approach different themes, feminine rituals, magic and alchemical preparations, created and guided by basic knowledge of ancestral traditional medicine, and that are deeply linked to Mother Earth and the elementals: infusions, poultices, syrups, oils, incenses and natural emollients, vaginal ova, sexual lubricants, and also precious feminine rituals among them: Spiritual baths, magic through the elementals, steam and vaginal baths, massages with medicinal plants, menstrual rituals and the sacred menopause, karmic sexual cleansings among others.

I invite you to invoke the spirit of the plants, and lovingly bring them to touch every part of your body, invoking a highly healing level of consciousness, and from there, raise your purpose with deep love and you will find that you will attract all that you ask for. Remember that your vibration will be what you sow from your thoughts and feelings, so it is important that you become what you truly wish to attract. Breathe deeply and invoke your Medicine Woman, the Witch and the Sorceress who connects with the Spirit of Water, Earth, Fire, Air, Sister!!! let yourself be guided by your intuition and your creativity, remembering that the most healing and powerful alchemies will be the ones that you create yourself and carry your own medicine and energy. Each alchemy you perform will be a precious personal journey of purification that will lead you to connect with Mother Nature and every part of you, in a very subtle and healing way.

Women feeling the skin and heart of the earth; women purifying and exfoliating the armour of their bodies through the spirit of medicinal plants; women awakening and rediscovering the sensuality and texture of their skin; women connecting with their wild and feminine landscape; women aware of their magic and intuition, leading them to recognise that they are witches, that they can access the magic of their cauldrons and connect with the source of their inner power. Women who trust in themselves, in their bodies, in their wisdom and knowledge until they become their own oracle, their own temple of divination.

They say that once you recognise your magic and your power? you are forever, you just need to create a deep relationship of love, respect and trust with the great Goddess Nature, with yourself, with your body, your sexuality, your spirit and your mind. Every Woman is born with the desire and unquenchable thirst to feel loved and penetrated by Nature.


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