And if we take the time to immerse ourselves in WATER, connecting with our intuition, nourishing our heart and quenching our thirst to feel full so that we can honor our emotions and feelings.

Recognizing the healing power of our tears, flowing and loving our inner waters to be given in total pleasure, love and trust and letting go of what no longer belongs to us.

And if we take time to bare our feet in the middle of nature. Feeling the humidity, our internal rhythms, the vibrations and the great mystery under our feet. Feeling each of our steps in deep communion with the skin of the EARTH. Walking in silence, listening, observing and letting our breath join the breath of mother earth.

And if we take time to connect with the FIRE to ignite the light of our hearts and our shadows. And if we invite you to dance to receive its warmth in our bare feet and our body Lighting the fire of passion and desire. Awakening our inner sun and recognizing through it, our sacred fire and the powerful woman who inhabits us.

 And if we take some time to feel the spirit and aroma of the AIR embracing us, teaching us to dance with its spirit, with the birds and the sun. Teaching us to spread our wings to dissolve into the divine order of the universe, in deep connection with our heart and soul.

I am Selva, a woman of Colombian roots. Inside me lives the spirit of a gypsy woman in search of her knowledge and her source of inner and intuitive power. It is my calling to recognize and discover the wise, magical and wild woman within me, who honors in her body and in her spirit the creative and healing gifts that have been granted to me by Mother Nature and by the Grandmothers in the Jungle. I am humbled by, and thank them for their teachings.  I am a woman rooted in the Spirit of the Earth, who feels and recognizes herself in Water, Fire and Air; elementals that inspire and impel me to follow my heart and that deep desire to reconnect every day with Mother Earth, with her great mysteries and her ancestral medicines.

I have immersed myself in the jungles of Brazil, Peru and Colombia in search of the voices of grandmothers and healers, discovering sacred places, indigenous peoples, master plants, and powerful women. Through them, I have discovered my own reflection in their lives. My body and my spirit have come into contact with magical ancestral rituals, feminine shamanism, healing and meditation through nature and the spirit of animals, as well as divine ways of relating to my body, my sacred sexuality and my feminine wisdom.

In the jungles of Peru I received my first shamanic initiation from the Shipibo Grandmothers and it was there, after dieting 25 days alone, in the jungle, on that one night, that the spirit of Fire of the medicinal plants and the song of the Icarus of the grandmothers, manifested itself. There, I learned that the purpose of my life was to wake up and reconcile with the Medicine Woman who calls on me to share with other women what Nature has taught and given me.

At that very moment I knew that the message was clear. And so, during this process, I strengthened the intensity of my purpose and in 2017 my project Respiro de la Selva began to palpitate, which has already manifested itself in different women’s retreats and workshops guided by me in countries of Europe, South America and India. In each of these meetings I began to share with other sisters my own experiences, which have been healed by my deep and loving relationship with Mother Earth, being a channel to help other women awaken their innate capacity to heal, purify and transform their lives through truth and connection with nature and love, and also help them rediscover their divine instinct, their intuition, and their magic to invoke and honor the ancient power that inhabits them.

During what has been my journey in Colombia, I was initiated in angel therapies and Ayurvedic massage. Through ancestral dance therapy, I began my learning in the practice of healing rituals inspired by the communities and Afro dance; I received initiation as a Sahumadora and priestess of Mary Magdalene, therapist in Sacred Sexuality and women’s empowerment. In the Brazilian jungle I was initiated into traditional massage with medicinal plants by the elderly women. In Guatemala I was initiated in the ceremony of Fire and Cocoa in the Mayan tradition.

On my way through India I was initiated into Reiki therapy and continued my studies in traditional Ayurveda therapy. Right there, I trained in the practice of yoga and meditation, and in Nepal, in the sacred and traditional art of sound therapy with Tibetan bowls. I have also been interested for a long time in ancient female rituals, Celtic magic and healing energy through nature, especially in sacred baths. And so my gypsy spirit continues to discover, heal my shadows, study and be an apprentice and disciple of my Ascended Masters and the sacred teachings of Mother Earth. A path that requires time, love, respect, dedication and lifelong commitment. 

Thank you for seeing me. Thank you for honoring me. Thank you for respecting me. Likewise, I receive you, I honor you, I respect you and I thank you with all my Being for your presence in my life.


Here and Now I welcome the sacred feminine force manifesting in my body and in my spirit. Here and now I allow Goddess Nature to guide me with her divine presence and wisdom. Here and Now I manifest the opening of my heart, vibrating in higher frequencies of light and love. Here and Now I listen to the intuitive guidance of my soul, which invokes courage and bravery, to show me that I am a woman who owns my own power. Here and Now I access the magic of the temple that is my body, invoking my strength, my sensuality and my creativity. Here and Now I sow in my heart that all that I am looking for is in my inner silence and in my deep communion with Nature.


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