The Voices of Our Body

Which is what you haven’t been able to accept in your life right now?. If you have not accepted the past you have not accepted the present, before accepting you need to release, put your bare feet on the ground and feel its vibrations in your body and your heart, dance to the sound of the drum invoking Mother Earth, the alchemy woman, the sorceress and the witch within you.

When you dance, you dance life and our female cycle, feel the rhythm as if it were the pulse of life, of your sexuality, of your sensuality, of your creativity. Dancing will help you to know even better your own body and its capacity to express and offer your emotions, your sadness, your pain, your attachments, your rejections until they are released and transformed into movements full of love, happiness, confidence and freedom. Feel beautiful, full of life while you dance and feel the energy of every part of your body and how life and happiness begin to be born from you and now dance your body, purified by the sound of nature, the drum and life discovering the fire of your body and your heart.


I want you to discover yourself, be comfortable in your own darkness, don’t be afraid to bare your body, your heart and let your intuitive nature guide you to let go of what no longer belongs to you. Our emotional memory is not only stored in our mind, but also in our sacred womb and in every part of our body, and therefore, not all our memories can be expressed verbally, it is about observing our thoughts and exploring the sensations felt and releasing them completely, we need to do it also through our body, exploring, breathing, vibrating, feeling how our blood, and our inner tides flow within our being.

Dance Allchemy is a phase to purify our physical and astral body, it is a time to let go of negative thoughts and emotions, illness, pain, fear and bad habits, being aware that we are witches burning with anger, fear, pain, but we are also witches burning with love, passion, desire and determination.

When you dance with the energies and sounds of the Universal Mother, you can bring out your feelings and magic, creating a sacred space to do it and feel it, dance with radiant love and sensual pleasure, unfold your bodily freedom, open your heart, breathe deeply, bare your body and pay attention to the intuitive guidance of your soul. 

Let the free spirit of Nature dance with you, whisper to you and let it feel every part of you.


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