Find a moment to raise your energetic vibration, out of the fear and pain of the world around us at this moment. It is not about running away, just reconnecting again with the divinity of your being, your heart, the silence and the pure and crystalline medicine of Mother Nature. Breathe and feel that every day is an opportunity to be reborn, bless, honor, thank and forgive, and from there allow yourself to embrace life again, feeling that today there is again a beautiful way to live in peace and love.

Feel the earth beat together with your heart. Feel your bare feet, taking root and feeling the moisture and its internal rhythms. Feel the skin of the earth through your hands. Feel the earth holding you through your naked body as you glide over it.

Connect your sacred womb and your sexuality to reconcile with the healing and creative womb of the earth. Feel the taste of earth and let your breath join it. Feel its embrace so that your whole being can cry and immerse your tears until a deep and majestic silence invades you.  Honor and offer your prayers from forgiveness and gratitude. You need his guidance and forgiveness to be free from the wounds and shadows of the soul. Your body and your spirit need the earth to feel free and alive.

With much love I wish to accompany you in a first session where we can talk, we will connect as sisters in deep love and mutual respect, a space where you will open your heart. For my part I will try to be a channel to guide you with the help of my teachers, nature, the spirit of the plants and magical feminine rituals. Then if your heart feels the call we can continue walking together and deepen in different phases and individual sessions.

Invoke the spirit of Nature and the teachings of your silence and your inner world.
I invoke the creator, who dreams, manifests makes magic and alchemies of love.
I invoke my womb and my sacred cauldron.
I invoke my ability to feel and love.
I invoke my new rebirth with Mother Earth.
I invoke Earth, Fire, Water, Air and my Spirit.
I invoke my shadows to embrace them and transform them into light.
I invoke the transformation of my lower nature.
I invoke the healer who heals herself, and then helps heal other women.
I invoke silence to purify my thoughts and feelings.
I invoke the passion and desire that is within my sacred body and my free and wild spirit..
I invoke the courage and bravery to show me that I am a woman of my own power.
I invoke the witch, the sorceress, the priestess, the intuitive woman and the medicine woman who seeks knowledge within.
I invoke my ancestors, the women who preceded me and the wise visionaries of female spirituality.
I invoke to inhabit my body with respect and to listen to and honor its wisdom.
I invoke the peace, happiness and healing of all beings on this and all planets.

So be it!

Immerse yourself in Nature, take a mirror, observe your spirit through your eyes, recognising and accepting your light, your shadows, recognising in yourself all those who inhabit you, go beyond looking only at your physical appearance, turn your gaze inwards, connect with your creative power, take a moment to reflect on your essence and allow consciousness to shine through you, don’t hide anymore, expand your light from the centre of your existence and let Nature express itself through you.


My eyes have opened again to the world, as if I was being born again – but this time I was born into my inner world. I’ve reconnected with my roots, learned to feel, to interpret my feelings and blockages and the magic in them. For the first time I’ve really heard myself, because Selva gave me the courage to “speak out”. Selva helped me to go in direction of an inner liberation and embracing a new light that came full of love. Our sister Selva’s words bind all feelings, her kindness, sensitivity and love for everything she does made me find the way to the rescue of myself, to the recognition of the goddess woman in me. Grateful “hermanita de amor”!
Diana Capitão
The truth is that it was wonderful to be able to talk to her calmly, in private, more in silence and to be able to ask her questions and hear her advices, her recommendations and her guidance in handling my situation at the time. Thanks to Selva I have changed several aspects of my life such as food and certain feminine care, but above all, my relationship with nature, which practically didn’t exist before. This has also allowed me to improve my relationship with my husband to whom I have also passed on Selva’s advice. During the session and afterwards, I felt supported and accompanied. Knowing that you are not alone is very comforting, especially when you are far away from your country and your family. I highly recommend her to people who are looking for a different path, a spiritual guide that can offer alternative options to those given by a psychologist or a psychiatrist. Selva’s knowledge is enormous and her light and energy are wonderful. I am thankful to the universe’s technology that allows us to connect from different places in the world and thus have the beautiful opportunity to consult her.
Carolina Hanssen
With Selva it has been the reunion with a sister, with a Sacred Woman who carries a feeling of universality, with an attitude of dedication to the values of nurturing, protecting and honoring the sustenance of Mother Earth. Her communication and teachings lift your great fertilizing power. She gives you precious tools and offerings which can open an encounter with your inner self and strengthen the love for yourself, your body and earth. A great gift is the offering of the Ritual to Mother Earth facilitated by Selva. Full of Feminine Essence and the sacred knowledge of Mother Selva. I really recommend the online sessions where it is facilitated closeness, wisdom and an happy and warm connection.
Aran Danzas
The work of the forest is one of purity and deep connection with the being, with the essence, with nature. The session we did was straight to my heart, with the sweetness, beauty, love and nutrition of mother earth. The rituals I did were moments of deep communion and harmony with the forces of nature, which brought me subtle and very beautiful forms of purification and healing. I am very grateful.
Rita Gonçalves


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