Selva is a tree root that twines between your legs and moves you towards the centre of the earth; it is a vine swaying in the wind that lifts you into flight and leaves you gently in the treetops; it is a deep wave that abducts you from the shore of your thoughts and plunges you into the depths of emotion; it is a burning lava that invites you to burn away so much pain; it is sweet breeze, resounding hurricane, fish in the calm waters of the lake of your soul, seed of love, wet grass in a new day, music and howling of the birds in the jungle; it is the voice of your ancestors calling your ancestors, the priestess of nature, sacred woman; feline gaze revealing to you how brave you are, sincere smile, deep cry, African drums and healing melody; it is the splendour of the sun in the morning and the darkness of a moonlit night; it is the bliss, the love, the being...
Ana María Cuellar
“Cannot say enough good things about my time with Selva. The love, sense of acceptance and power she brings to a group truly holds such a beautiful space for transformation. I experienced love and depths within myself I had never felt before, during a sound healing therapy session with Selva. The work with medicinal plants was fascinating and the rituals were deeply cleansing. If you are considering working with her, do it!! Allow Selva to hold space for you to open to love”
Mairead Hickey
.I strongly believe in the universe and in the ancient wisdom of our ancestors, but I am suspicious of most of the 'teachers' and people who usually give such courses. That is why I wanted to write this review. Because I am VERY grateful that the world has put Selva in my path. And I wanted to assure you, whoever is reading this: YES! That you found it, that you found a sister you can fully trust. Selva has a lot of knowledge, the result of having lived in the Amazon together with the abuelitas and abuelitos different techniques. But what really sets her apart is the humility and love with which she offers her wisdom. Selva knows what she says, but she also embodies it in body and soul, in every gesture, in every interaction with nature, with every living being and with her sisters. And she made it her life's mission to share that knowledge and make it accessible to whoever needs it. For me this course represents feminine energy in all its expression: the wisdom of our grandmothers, the unconditional love of our mothers, our bodies as temples, the love of our partners and shared sexuality and above all... the freedom, laughter and fun of being able to find a sister in every woman. In short: try it, go, do it... it's a unique and beautiful experience!
Tatiana Rios
I came to the retreat with Selva at the insistence of a friend. It was my first retreat and I came with a certain resistance, perhaps mistrust, but otherwise open to everything that could happen. And the magic happened. The women's circle is an experience of finding oneself through and with the help of others. Selva is a woman full of knowledge, wisdom and love who channels, leads and teaches. She teaches not only everything that you write down in your notebook so as not to forget (which is a lot and very interesting), but also helps you to make part of yourself vital teachings that you learn with your heart and not with your head. All this in a climate of love and trust, where fear is invited to talk instead of denying its existence. Where everything is what it is and so are you. After this encounter I didn't come back as someone else, I came back as more. I have grown, there is more space. I feel more, I perceive more of myself and my environment. I also come back with tools and knowledge of healing and care for myself and for those around me. And above all, I come back with a lot of love.
Ana Mareca
i feel so joyfull, fullof love and inspired after a magical women circle. Ahh what an honour to be a women!! To celebrate life and unite with other powerfull women. To dance and make love with sun. To bath with flowers and sing with birds. To fully express your emotions with tears and rage and be totally supported and understood. What a blissful feeling! I want o to thank beautiful sister Selva for leading this sacred gathering and all soul sisters for being their! Love you all!
From our first gathering, i was able to open my heart to understand the moment I was going through; the singing bowls and the sounds of the jungle connected me with beings of love and healing. I brought home many tools for myself and my partner, and we both started on a path of light with no return. Then, at the alchemy woman retreat, I was able to weave two parts of my story: the great wisdom of the plants in nature and in my body, and the hand of the woman who moves the cradle! We hope that you will come back and we can expand this wisdom with different women in the south and centre of the country, that you will bring your light, your knowledge and your spiritual connection. Namaste...
Carolina Morales
When I first met Selva in 2017, it was clear to me that she would open my world to its infinite possibilities. Across a number of days, I found myself welcomed into the warmth of a community of women who had come together to become in touch with their body, spirituality and inner essence of power. At the moment, our world might seem like it is unbalanced and hostile towards womanhood by nature. So, to have a sacred space where we were able to come together and share the present moment, to realise the divine nature of our bodies, and to learn of the magical, medicinal wisdom of herbs and flowers, was transformational for me, and I loved witnessing its positive effect on the women with whom I shared this experience. Selva, with all the light and love she radiates, helps you to find the divine woman that is already in you. And this joyous realization is something upon all my earth’s sisters I dearly wish.
Giorgia Rosmery
The women's retreat with Selva gave me some real gems to add to my emotional toolbox. She is pure inspiration and shines with her own light. She perfectly sustains the energy of the women's group, lifting it and weaving bonds between us, to be stronger and more powerful during and after... I have only words of gratitude.
Ana de la Lastra
The retreat was a magical and unique experience for me. A divine reconnection with mother earth, with myself and with my femininity in complete learning, love and awareness. I discovered a beautiful path that today guides my life. Thank you infinite Selva
Rocio Pinzón
Selva is a beautiful heart! i met her few years ago in a women retreat in Greece, and i felt immediately her power and sweetness the same time. With a lot of pleasure i can participate again in any work shop that she organize. She a sister and i am so happy that she is in my life.
Loretta Hasson
Since I was a little girl I have been surrounded by sea and vegetation on the beautiful island where I was born and so I feel I have a great connection with nature. Thanks to this experience I was able to meet Selva, a brilliant woman from whom I have been greatly enriched, her thoughts, her voice, her calmness and her way of caring for the planet really touched me. I felt very special among the circle of women we met, I transmitted my joy, innocence and strength to each beautiful woman with whom I shared life experiences that filled my heart. I know that everything I have experienced will help me to guide all those situations I have to face, always flowing and feeling what my soul tells me, without fear of being wrong. Once this beautiful experience was over, I felt like I was floating on a cloud, everything around me looked different, I felt very confident, strong, grateful and happy. I would like to say that the best philosophy to live is to be in balance with oneself, to love oneself, to value oneself, to take care of everything that is good for us, to love it in order to feel deeply fulfilled and to be able to flow with total freedom. NAMASTE NAMASTE
Claudia Chiu Naranjo
The Shamanic retreat I went on with Selva was transformative. Selva’s inner and outer beauty was infectious – her intelligent and gentle teachings showed me how to connect deeply within myself, and also with the other ladies on the retreat who have become dear friends. I gained so much valuable insight about Shamanic traditions, and I left honouring my divine nature and that of the planet we live on with new meaning and purpose. The days I spent on this retreat are treasured memories. I can’t recommend Selva’s retreat enough!
Leann Lavery
The retreat allowed me to externalise the fears and insecurities that were lost, hidden, but at the same time gave way to free the soul to heal, obviously it is a process that takes time, perseverance but sincerity and self-love allows me to move forward free of prejudice towards oneself and thus achieve to be a small light for others. I am very grateful for the experience because it was very rewarding and most importantly it allowed me to be happy.
Myriam Jhoana Neira
My experience with Selva at the Mujer Alquimia - Mujer Medicina retreat was incredible. It changed my life. The spiritual contact with nature, feeling so many sensations and so many feelings and so strong... It awakened in me gratitude and infinite love towards everything, towards mother nature, towards my sisters, towards myself. The body, the emotions and the elements. It enriches your perception, and it does it in a very simple way: you are part of nature, and nature is in you. With simple tips, love for plants, meditations, dances and other activities in which, despite the intensity, it takes you by the hand and you let yourself go without hesitation. Fear takes a back seat. Hope reveals itself as your new ally. Everything has come to life. Thank you Selva for existing, for being our contact with the most intrinsic Pachamama, for changing our lives and opening the way to fullness, to understanding, to the deepest and most sincere love we can feel and be.
Silvia Solans
Having the experience of sharing a retreat with Selva in nature has been a healing journey with my sacred feminine. Recognising myself as a strong, courageous, free and powerful woman. A deep love and respect for medicinal plants awakened in me, I replaced my medicine cabinet with herbs and essential oils. I learned to receive and find goodness in nature for my body and spirit. I began to feel capable and to dream, to sing without fear, to move to the rhythm of the drums with sensuality and freedom, to embrace and admire my sisters, to connect with my moon and to follow the biorhythm that she rules over my inner waters, to immerse myself in icy waters that lovingly massage my body. I learned to serve with love, to listen to the sweet tone of the Tibetan singing bowls resonating in unison with my heart and to connect with the wild woman in each of us. I thank the universe for Selva's life and her loving way of sharing the teachings she has acquired through her powerful connection with nature and the beings she has walked with.
Tata Gómez
For me the retreat was an immense spiritual awakening, I have been to two retreats and for me they were a total recharge of energy, of connection, of femininity, of meeting wonderful people. I understood the power of gratitude, since my first retreat, I have continued with this spiritual search and it has really opened up a path full of blessings and love. My life has changed a lot and I owe it in great part to Selva. Thank you very much Selva
Kate R Tellez
For me the retreat was an immense spiritual awakening, I have been to two retreats and for me they were a total recharge of energy, of connection, of femininity, of meeting wonderful people. I understood the power of gratitude, since my first retreat, I have continued with this spiritual search and it has really opened up a path full of blessings and love. My life has changed a lot and I owe it in great part to Selva. Thank you very much my beautiful
Margot Loizillon
What can I say, of my experience with this wonderful being, brought from the universe, made flesh, so that as a light on our path, guide us, on the path of inner growth, Selva, light, love, peace, there is no word invented to describe it, after doing the retreat with her, and many years of a thousand therapies, that all brought a little more light to my inner self with Selva, I got forgiveness, peace, confidence in myself and in what I am, in not being afraid to walk towards my purpose, I got forgiveness, peace, confidence in myself and in what I am, in not being afraid to walk towards my purpose here in one fell swoop, dark shadows dissipated and gave me strength to BE, to walk on the path of love, when I am asked, "How was the retreat? I answer that I am not the same as I was, I am another and I feel it day after day, Selva for me has become a sister that I want to have in my life and if I have something to say is INFINITE THANKS and my heart will always be with her and with the sisters in this wonderful circle of women, we create a little more awareness for mother earth.
Natalia Galingo Gutierrez


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