Awakening the Ancestral Magic Power of Women

Mother Earth calls us to enter into deep communion with the skin and the heartbeat of the EARTH, observing, walking in silence, listening to her messages and letting our breath join her breath so that I can sustain our self through our soul and our naked body that glides over the earth, rooted in our own vibrations, in our internal rhythms and in the deep mystery under my feet.

I begin a precious journey back to our feminine essence, connecting us with our sacred womb and our sexuality, to reconcile us with the healing and creative womb of the earth. Immersing our self in our sacred WATER, recognizing the healing power of our tears that purify our thoughts, honoring our emotions and our sexual energy, remembering that  we are a spirit impregnated with sacredness and sensuality, and from there, we immerse ourselves in the precious ritual of making love to ourselves, flowing and loving our inner waters so that I can go deep and be given in total pleasure, love and trust.  

Awaken our feminine spirit, following our cyclical nature, listening to our inner wisdom, strengthening deeply our power, our magic, our alchemy, our intuition, our body as a temple, the woman medicine, the priestess, the sorceress, the witch, the creative, sensual woman, sexual, the woman who dances to the FIRE and her brilliant spirit, radiating magnetism and mystery so that fear, attachments and pain may burn and I may keep the altar of our heart burning, invoking the passion and desire that are within our free and wild spirit.

I breathe the sacred AIR to enter in communion with the wind, to be able to trust in our self and feel us full and free. Spirit of the wind that embrace us and lifts us up with it, that teaches us to dance with the flight of the birds, that teach us to breathe and speak with the flowers and medicinal plants and to spread our wings to dissolve into the divine order of the universe. Inhaling and exhaling our inner sun and recognizing through it the woman who loves and lives in communion with all beings of nature and with the spirit of our ancestors to discover the truth of who I truly am.

Our Sacred Nakedness, reborn and flourishing our Divine Feminine, suspended in a moment of beauty, kinship and sacredness, knowing our deepest truth, inspiring other women to celebrate their beauty and innate feminine light. Our heart and body experience a sweet sense of freedom, remembering our natural sensuality, feeling the grace of feeling safe and desired, feeling the skin and the beat of the Earth through our naked body: an act of powerful healing, confidence for our soul and courage to be able to manifest that we are masters of our own power. 

It is time to be reborn from the womb of Mother Earth, trusting in her infinite love, in her silent power that reminds us every moment that we must be loved, respected and honored like her, and when we decide to lovingly embrace our shadows and direct the light of awakening and healing to our heart, our womb and our sexuality, we will be ready to transform and accept the commitment to love and honor each and every expression and manifestation of our being and our sacred body.

When we are together we can hold each other, listen to each other, nurture each other and give each other that opportunity to explore the flow of our emotions and our thoughts, a precious time to reflect and be aware of the beauty of our body and our spirit.
We are a circle of sisters who yearn to expand our light from the centre of our existence, sustained by Mother Nature, while purifying and creating strong roots to continue walking in the great mystery that accompanies us.
Together we create and bathe in oceans of sweet and compassionate love, which is so necessary and which we all long for. Let us look inward again, embracing the feeling that wells up from the depths of the cave of our heart. The door of Love is forgiveness and gratitude and together we can help each other to leave behind the past, our fears and be reborn again, being free, wild and happy…

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